The Regeneration Journey

Life's landscapes have buckled under Covid's earthquake, and high-ability leaders have been battered by burnout. Everyday we read more about top-talent churn and the "Great Resignation." Before you or your invaluable stars burnish your LinkedIn profiles in advance of leaving, Sabatigo invites you to explore what our re-imagined sabbaticals can do to disrupt, regenerate and escalates top leaders. And if you've already chosen to exit your job, our bespoke  journey will give you the clarity and fire to write the future for yourself.

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We are a disruptive, mini sabbatical that makes people better.


Just imagine what you or your or top-talent leaders will feel setting off on a high-impact, 2-week experience abroad. To feed your souls. Be inspired by new ideas. Open your eyes to entrepreneurial energy. And return with renewed balance, passion and creativity.  Sabatigo's community is designed to inspire and energize employee wellness. While regenerating leaders so you'll come back fueled by renewal.

Sabatigo's solution is driven by a world-class team of business disruptive thinkers, authors, and global wellness experts.





Sabatigo begins in one European capital and ends two weeks later in another. You can join the journey for both weeks or choose just one of our cities to  experience on a deep and dynamic level. What makes our experience truly transformative is what happens along the way. As our amazing Disruptors use our cities to regenerate and escalate you along three inter-connected pathways of discovery.  

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We're in the middle of a time of global disruption. But it's not unprecedented. Our Disruptors carefully curated Wonder-Walks will explore other upheavals in history that drove acts of courage, integrity and resiliency that can inspire new ways of facing today's challenges.



The time bomb of burnout and imbalance can be diffused. Our Mindfulness Disruptors will show you  how. Each day you'll have the chance to work with our Disruptors to develop a practice of mindfulness, wellness and gratitude that's restorative and sustainable at home.


Companies invest millions to infuse their organizations with entrepreneurialism. We include that on Sabatigo. Our Disruptors are business expert and global thought leaders. They'll enrich you, while escalating  resilience,  GRIT and firing their innovation.

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Paris: Buttery croissants, endless walks through the most charming parks in the world. And the place that birthed the word "entrepreneur." Whether you've been 10 times or only in films and novels, no place on Earth does more on the daily to give balance and beauty back to deep travelers than Paris. History, culture, art, design and cutting-edge innovation are just the start of the magic here. Sabatigo's home quartier--the Bastille--is still a tangle of cobblestone streets, neighborhood cafes and boutique hotels. 

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Berlin is a city of astonishing diversity and non-stop ideation. All over the Mitte and Kreuzberg neighborhoods that Sabatigo calls home, start-ups, VC leaders and graffiti artists work together building new businesses at the same cafe tables. Meanwhile the hard and ever-present history of this city calls even the incurious to account. Monuments and memorials dot the cityscape everywhere, offering telling reminders of World War Two and the Cold War.


Each day our community wakes up in a great European city to another day of Sabatigo's curated quest-experiences.  Our travelers will have their bespoke itinerary at the ready. Today might feature Yoga in the park. Or a 5k run on an elevated garden through the center of Paris. While others saddle up to an amazing session on machine learning and future of work issues led by rogue VC titans, fresh from a 2 billion Euros exit. 

Most afternoons and evenings will be free, to allow Sabatigoers to recharge as they prefer and to attend to any work obligations they've had to bring from home.


Our travelers will all be nominated for Sabatigo by three current or former employer s or team mates

All travelers accepted into a Journey will have at least 3 years of professional experience beyond college

Sabatigo's Board of Advisors will makes all acceptance offers to travelers

Each Sabatigo Journey will consists of 25 travelers only

Sabatigo nominees who cannot be accepted for their first-choice voyage will be offered a later journey

Sabatigo will work aggressively to address the network gap with every journey we develop

Sabatigo will build our community to assure that we have inter-generational representation

Sabatigo will build each community to insure that we don't have travelers from companies that are direct competitors

Sabatigo will be a safe community of travelers, committed to an active alliance against bias and bigotry

Sabatigo's community will uphold the highest Covid traveler-safety protocol at all times


Preparing Drinks

Sabatigo Accommodations

Sabatigo builds creature comforts into our amenities. Our hotels are boutique, eclectic and safely tucked away from the crush of tourists. Housing is single occupancy, ensuite and with breakfast available. Lunches and dinner are included once in each city, always in bistros where farm-to-table guidelines are the rule. Other meals are independent. Travel between cities is done by rail, first class. 

If Sabatigoers prefer to travel with their family, great! Just be sure your HR team speaks to us about enrollment in the Sabatigo Partner and Family Package. So our team can get your talent sorted in appropriate Air BnB housing, plus develop bespoke itineraries for their family who will be joining.