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The Leader's Way

The landscape of business has changed profoundly in the pandemic's wake.  Transformational times can produce growth, but not without the right tools to recruit, retain and escalate the leaders your company needs. Sabatigo's curated leadership solution gives peak performers compelling reasons to keep choosing your business. On our immersive and custom-built micro sabbaticals, we give them deep practice walking the leader's way: toward purpose, grit and perspective. While our solution elevates their capacity to think and lead on an enterprise level, Sabatigo's high-impact journey immerses them in the empathic "soft skills" that stop churn, promote wellness and drive growth. Great teams are created by self-reliant and compassionate leaders nobody quits on. Sabatigo builds both.


Sabatigo is a unique leadership solution built to recruit, retain, reward and renew the peak performers who drive your business every day. Our 10-day immersive journeys are curated to evolve your high achievers toward the powerful “soft skills” that connect teams to purpose, creativity and grit. 


Our bespoke journeys use culture and business capitals like Paris, Berlin and London as the platform for what we do. There, together with the world’s foremost experts in innovation and leadership, we craft life-changing immersion experiences to showcase how resilience, empathy and wellness can be wielded as powerful tools to lead great teams.


Our attendees don’t just come back to work refreshed. They return with a purpose, ready to be the compassionate leaders who galvanize team energy and engagement.


Sabatigo’s solution has been developed through 25+ years of research and practice in what curated, high-impact journeys do for top-tier leaders and their capabilities.

Is your team ready to Sabatigo?




Van Gogh's genius got real when he left Holland. Just like the brilliance of Picasso was born away from his native Spain. The Sabatigo journey is built around the power of what psychologists call "the wonder-factor of disruptive exploration." Our journey brings your leaders back better.

"Leadership is a quest that gains texture and truth through deep moments of awe, compassion and open ideation."

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We teach your leaders soft skills that stop talent churn

Sabatigo escalates your bright stars in  "soft skill" leadership. Employing high-impact and historic examples of empathy, GRIT and adversity, our  experts lead your talent into a deep consideration of how heroism, compassion, and a heartfelt commitment to others have set incredible standards for empathic leadership in settings everywhere.

We coach peak performers to sustain mindfitness

Sabatigo equips leaders with wellness  tools to sustain peak performance, assuage burnout and model mindfulness. We do this via a guided practice of mindfulness that makes full use of gardens, parks, running paths, art troves and cultural settings. Mixing together yoga, meditation and curated exercises, our experts teach a sustainable practice of wellness, gratitude and self compassion.

We develop enterprise-level entrepreneurship and wisdom

Sabatigo propels your stars toward  enterprise-level leadership. We root-out "silo" thinking in favor of cross-functional wisdom. Grounded in entrepreneurship and innovation, our solution bridges together the business and cultural ecosystems of history and today. To prepare your peak performers to flourish as leaders in a future of work that's already here.

Joining the Journey

We partner and assess your goals 

We build a journey to meet your goals

We deliver your bespoke Sabatigo

We sustain leadership transformation

We scale our partnership to meet your needs

Our Team is Peerless

Our team brings change-energy to everything we do. From lecturing at B-schools like Columbia, Cornell and Stanford, to coaching Oprah, Bill Gates, Keith Krach and possibly your CEO, Sabatigo's partners combine decades of experience defining and advancing the field of leadership science. Our books are global best sellers. Our alumni and clients run corporations everywhere on the planet. Our TEDX talks have seen by decision makers who matter. And from Harvard Business Review's Editorial Board to Forbes, INC and beyond, we are leading the conversations that define business discourse today.


Sabatigo Partner

GRIT, Resilience and EQ 

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CEO Sabatigo

Culture, History and Innovation


Sabatigo Partner

Design Thinking and Innovation


Sabatigo Partner

Mindfulness and Wellness

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Sabatigo Partner

Innovation and Enrtepreneurship

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Sabatigo Partner

Leadership Theory and DEI

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Sabatigo Partner

Leadership Strategy


Sabatigo Partner

Innovation and Leadership


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Sabatigo Partner

Mindfulness and Wellness

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