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The Micro Sabbatical by Sabatigo as a Recruitment Tool

As the pitched battle for top talent spreads across the business landscape today, Sabatigo is offering agile companies a unique and turn-key power solution to their recruitment play. What is Sabatigo and how do its micro sabbaticals work to drive a recruitment strategy?

Overview on Sabbaticals: Peak Performers Want Them

INC. Magazine asked top talent between the ages of 25 and 40 what work benefit they valued over all others. The answer: sabbaticals. Adobe, Intel, REI, Timberland and the scores of Fortune 500 companies offering sabbaticals build their recruitment efforts around the benefit. Any company would with these numbers as support:

  • 92% of tech employees in the US will take $20,000 a year less to work with a company that offers a sabbatical opportunity over one that does not

  • Global recruiters surveyed in a recent Accenture poll report that "83% of their recent job placements listed "having a sabbatical" as the most important benefit they hoped to find at a company in the next three years

  • 89% of Gen Z talent placed in Fortune 100 companies in 2022 said that in their next job search their number one priority would be working for a company that offered a sabbatical program.

Why Your Company Probably Doesn't Have a Sabbatical Program

Recruitment statistics show how much prospective hires want sabbaticals, so why don't more companies offer them? Reasons vary, but most mangers will offer one of these four reasons:

  1. Sabbaticals can seem like a complex benefit to build and manage. Who gets them? How long does an employee work before getting one? How are they managed? What if an employee doesn't want to take one?

  2. The benefit can seem like it leaves employees open to a job search or just be a colorful cover for "quiet quitting"

  3. Sabbaticals can seem disruptive to teams. How does work get done while someone is away? How do teams balance a key person's absence?

The Sabatigo Difference: The Sabbatical Program Your Company Needs

Sabatigo's bespoke "micro sabbaticals" offers all the benefits of a traditional sabbatical without any of its perceived negatives.

  • Sabatigo is a turn-key solution that takes only a few Zoom calls for a company to incorporate into its benefit offerings.

  • Sabatigo journeys last just 10 days and are custom-built to drive value for business.

  • The high-impact journeys are led by the world's foremost experts in purpose, creativity, grit and compassion.

  • Sabatigo's amazing home cities--Paris, Berlin and London--are on the radar as favorite destinations of ever peak performer you want to hire

  • Sabatigo energizes top-talent leaders while offering them a changed perspective on business and life.

  • Work continues on Sabatigo, because the journeys leave afternoons free so clients can make regular progress on projects they need to attend to at home.

Gen Z and millennial leaders seek high-impact experience and growth in everything they commit to doing. They yearn for new stimuli and regular changes of perspective. Do you want to explore what our solution can do for your business?

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