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Paris the Moveable Feast: A Wonder Walk to Lunch

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

We at Sabatigo love our food. That's a main reason why we build one of our Perspective Wonder-Walks around the Parisian world of food.

Note: If you build your bespoke Sabatigo itinerary and miss this experience, you may be the only one who does. Go ahead and join our food troop at the last minute. You'll be glad you did.

The Premise:

Today will be a food journey from market to stomach, led by our food and table disruptor-extraordinaire, Mme. Wendy Lyn. We'll meet the French penchant for locally-sourced, slow-grown food. As we explore two historic markets where the freshest and best foodstuffs are provided to the Parisian wholesale, retail and domestic markets. As we talk, walk, sample and swill, we'll consider a web of questions around how the French understand food production and consumption. And consider, too, how social connection and food relate to each other in France versus at home. While we also take time in the lovely Square Trousseau to be quiet, mindful and grateful for the pace and texture of a glorious day to meet the earth's bounty.

The Itinerary

  • We'll meet at Le Fontaine Cafe at 9:30 AM for bracing espressos.

  • We'll leave for the Aligre Market at 10:00, together with our Disruptor.

  • At the market, we'll meet with fishmongers, fruit and vegetable farmers and purveyors, and herdsman who specialize in Charoloais beef cattle.

  • We'll be joined by the chef de cuisine of Bistro Septime, who'll guide us through his selection process for meats, fruits, vegetables, cheeses and organic wines for lunch that day.

  • Then we'll go to the nearby Bastille Market to meet with the Parisian under mayor for the neighborhood, who will take us through the work his agency does to be sure that market produce and fresh foods of all kinds are available to refugees living on the margins of his sector of the city.

  • Finally we will go to Septime to be hosted by the chef, whose special menus for Sabatigo will feature the exact foods we helped select 2 hours earlier at the market.

  • Joining us for lunch will be 4 young food and wine entrepreneurs from the neighborhood, to discuss what they're doing to disrupt the staid world of fine dining in Europe, one truffle pig at a time.

The Take-Aways

  • What are farm-to-table standards in France and how are they maintained?

  • How does the markets of the city synchronize with regional farmers to insure effective and safe distribution of organic foods to millions of people each day

  • How are food disruptors changing ideas about what "French" food looks and tastes like?

  • Where do issues of protectionism and branding meet to cause challenges to disruptive food producers and restaurateurs?

  • Where are the best croissants in the city and the freshest vegetables?

  • Who are the bio (organic) wine producers whose entrepreneurship is challenging an entrenched wine industry in France and beyond?

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