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Sabatigo's Traveler-Fellowships Help Fund Regeneration: Nominate Three People Who Need This Now

We get it. You want the Sabatigo Regeneration Journey for a special colleague or team member who has given their all every day for the company and your team. But your company isn't onboard with funding a full Sabatigo yet. Or maybe you're working gigs right now and and your HR department is curled up in a windowsill purring. We absolutely get it. And the vitally important thing is that our partners in the European Union get it too.

So Here's the Deal

  • We have fellowship support from the EU and the governments of France and Germany to fund 10 Sabatigoers this November

  • Each fellowship will be for $10,000

  • You can nominate yourself and 2 others from your network for this award

  • Or you can nominate three team members or network associates

  • The funds will pay for half of Sabatigo's Tuition

  • The balance of fees will be on the Sabatigoer and their company to pay for

  • First preference will be give to candidates who are POC or DEI, but don't hesitate to apply if you're not from a. DEI community

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