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Sabatigo's Traveler-Fellowship: Nominate Three POC Leaders in Need of Our Journey

We get it. You have POC leaders on your team who need recognition, regeneration and boosted power for their leadership journey. But your company isn't onboard yet with funding a sabbatical or the micro-sabbatical offering of Sabatigo. We absolutely get it.

So Here's the Deal

  • We have fellowship support from the EU and the governments of France and Germany to fund 10 Sabatigoers in 2023

  • Each fellowship will be for $5,000

  • You can nominate yourself and 2 others from your network for this award

  • Or you can nominate three team members or network associates

  • The funds will pay for half of Sabatigo's Tuition

  • The balance of fees will be on the Sabatigoer and their company to pay for

  • First preference will be give to POC candidates or for HR leaders who work in the DEI space.

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