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Dr. Travis Tubré Leads Wellness Research to Drive Your Regeneration Journey

Updated: May 5, 2021

Nobody can miss the astonishing energy of Dr. Travis Tubré. He chairs his university's department of Psychology and Neurosciences with a high-octane presence, and he teaches all of his courses the same way. Whether in the lecture halls of the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management or on his bucolic home campus at the University of Wisconsin River Falls, Travis is one of those super-productive people who can seem to be everywhere at once. On Sabatigo, he is going to show the same omnipresence. Not only is he a leader on our Executive Team as Head of Wellness and Operations, but he plans to lead Wonder-Walks most days in Paris and Berlin. His alumni would advise Sabatigoers: Get good shoes!

The Louisiana Way

Travis comes from a tiny town in Louisiana's cajun country, not far from Baton Rouge. This means a lot. It means he can cook his way out of any jam that heaven would allow. And it also means he can and will call on his years as a Bourbon Street bartender to deliver mixology miracles. Mostly, though, it means there's an almost magical joie de vivre Travis exudes professionally and socially, as he approaches almost any engagement in life with absolutely zero judgement and a 100% belief that the next person he talks to will teach him something new. (Note: Travis talks to lots of new people, always.)

The Power of Six Degrees of Tubré

His legions of high-powered former students and graduate-school colleagues from Texas A&M are leading People departments at some of the most important corporations in the world today. Michelle Donovan was his student, and now she is Head of People at Google. Janna Fallon was his student, and now she is Chief Human Resources Officer for Prudential. The list goes on and on, from Merck to GE to General Mills. It can rightly seem that nobody at the top of HR today got there without studying under or with Travis.


What his powerful colleagues and cherished alumni all know about Travis is that nothing makes him happier than travel. He loves new cities and new locations, but even more he loves to deepen his connection to cities he knows well by sharing them deeply and intentionally with others:

I feel more connection with clients and students abroad than I ever can at home. It's just different in Europe or anywhere else I have led sessions. On Sabatigo, we will have travelers who have the curiosity, toughness and discipline to accomplish big goals abroad. And with those special travelers? Our Wonder-Walks can total 10 miles. We can sample spicy street food as we walk and talk. We can agree in just a few weeks away that nobody comes home the same from doing this. I don't come back the same, and I've been developing global projects for a fifteen years."


Sabatigo travelers are going to love the deep-cut engagement Travis will bring to his Wonder-Walks. His alumni would tell you not to miss the chance to trace the trail of the LGBTQ movement in Berlin before and during the Nazi period. From iconic cabarets that were left dusty and ignored for fifty years during the Cold War to the Nazi Resistance Museum, Travis will walk and talk with Sabatigoers through some of the most impactful moments of their regeneration journey. Is your goal to have a more nuanced perspective on your own life? You will after these walks. As Doug Mackaman, Sabatigo CEO notes:

For almost 20 years, I've seen Travis bring Europe to life for people who learn about themselves deeply by being there with him. His energy to explore literal spaces and places while using them as springboards to harder conversations about interiority is a marvel. Heroism, compassion, reflection, intentionality and grace aren't on maps. But when you walk and learn with Travis, they are features he will find with you that seem as present as a church or bank.

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