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Gabrielle Bosché Wrote the Book on Finding Purpose. On Sabatigo, She Helps Define Yours.

The Sabatigo team is thrilled beyond words to welcome Gabrielle Bosché as Sabatigo Disruptor for Purpose. When Sabatigoers meet Gabrielle Bosché for the first time, they'll be surprised to see that a TEDx and celebrity-author at her level can be almost addicted to mentoring and helping people. Whether she is coaching a multi-millionaire celebrity like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, the Navy Seal High Command or your CEO, she holds a formal tone for a hot minute and then becomes "Gab" to anybody and everybody. While in the process she rolls up her sleeves, getting to know her audience and leading always with preternatural authenticity, warmth and compassion. Other people come into a mentorship situation with their answers already in the can. Not Gab:

Getting unstuck and disrupted isn't something anybody can time well. It happens in halting and unsteady ways, and it usually happens when it isn't being forced or even invited. Suddenly people feel their regeneration happening and those who are helping the process look up and know the magic is around. It's not scripted in those moments. It's carried forward by people saying and feeling things in new ways. As a surge of power sweeps into the group. I love being in that space more than anything. It's what I am here to help with.

As a media darling--she is interviewed and quoted everywhere from NPR and The Washington Post to Business Insider and Glamour, while also being about the most sough-after podcast guest in the media business today--Gab is that rare person who seems to inhabit twenty worlds at once. If that makes sense for a millennial superstar who published her first book at age 17 and has since added 5 best-selling titles to her oeuvre, it makes even more sense that she would want to be a Sabatigo Disruptor:

I know what my growth and discovery modes feel like when I travel. It's like everything blurs for a day or so and then comes into an amazing new focus. I've felt that in Paris. The same feeling is waiting in Berlin. The power of that new focus is that it brings a regeneration of energy and purpose. Sabatigo is keyed to work for anybody, that's for sure. But for my generation, this program is totally aligned with the fact that experiences are the only currency we really count. I literally can't wait to be there and am honored and grateful to have been chosen as a Disruptor.

The Millennial Whisperer

Gab cut her professional teeth building businesses and a personal brand based on her real-time life as a millennial entrepreneur. The success she has achieved is vast indeed. In part this is because she sugar-coats nothing for anyone. To her fellow millennials, she offers admiration and admonishment in equal measures:

The start-up and disruptive genius of my generation won't take a back seat to the generations we follow. But we don't help ourselves by being embarrassed to admit what we don't know. Even worse, we have a problem chasing down the wisdom, perspective, synthesis and analysis our minds need to find next-level innovation and brilliance. I think the immersive moment of Sabatigo will be breakthrough-rich on exactly these things.

And to the Fortune 500 C-suite leaders she coaches, she issues reminders all the time that working well between the generations has never been a simple matter.

The "greatest generation" wasn't great because they survived. They were great because they overcame the horrors of depression and a world war and then rebuilt the global economy. Along the way, their elders worried they'd fail or amount to nothing of real importance. It's a tale as old as time. And winning the future will depend on how fast and well the generations at-play now can reconcile with each other.

The Purpose Factor and Sabatigo

Together with her husband and co-founder, Brian Bosché, Gab has built The Purpose Company to help clients live professional and personal lives aligned with the search for purpose. Their book on this subject, The Purpose Factor, has professional athletes and coaches joining top CEO's to praise its powerful and focussed message about life-as-a-quest.

I think our Wonder-Walks on Sabatigo can do what no coaching in person or over Zoom can ever do. Because we will literally walk with our purpose through two of the most powerfully evocative and storied cities in the world. Every day for two weeks. Surrounded by art, architecture, history and business innovation. What we'll seek won't be answers to any specific questions. Instead. we'll seek as individuals the very specific questions that we're meant to make our own. That's going to be special.

Her fellow Sabatigo Disruptors can't wait to team-up with Gab in the streets of Paris and Berlin to build two and three person Wonder-Walks to showcase her unique chops as Purpose Disruptor. Doug Mackaman, Sabatigo CEO, is working with Gab already to develop Wonder-Walks on Art, History and Business:

Gab has Simone Biles, Tony Dungy and the CEO of Southwest Airlines calling her the greatest life-changer they know. I want to set her loose on our Journey but do it with some amazing settings and historic contexts to really hammer home what decision making has looked like at key historic junctures when purpose has been followed and when it hasn't. Gab leads with her heart. There won't be a dry eye in the house when she finishes our Wonder-Walk together in Berlin at the monument in honor of the men and women who died trying to assassinate Hitler.

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